Päikese holiday house is located in West-Saarema Island, on the biggest island of Estonia. The road to the holiday house can be a journey itself. On the way you can visit different sights of Saaremaa and Estonia. More information about neighborhood of holiday house you find here.

Päikese holiday house is located from the heart of Saarema – medieval town Kuressaare – only 40 km away. In Kuressaare there are lots of restaurants, golf court, tennis courts, amazing Kuressaare castle.

About 6,5 km from the holiday house there is historical Kihelkonna village and about 8 km away Lümanda village. Both villages have a shop (open every day). In the summer time also local seasonal restaurants are opened.

There are different possibilities to get to Saaremaa Island:

  • By car or by bus (and ferry) – the connection between mainland (Virtsu port) and Saare county (Kuivastu port) is relying on the Virtsu-Kuivastu ferry connection (crossing takes 25 minutes). It usually takes 4 hours to get from holiday house to Tallinn by car under ordinary conditions.
  • One can also arrive on the island by plane via Kuressaare airport (flight takes 45 minutes). Booking tickets can be done on the web page of Estonian Air which operates the line http://www.tallinn-airport.ee/eng. Flights take place 1-2 times a day. Kuressaare airport is located near Kuressaare town.

Car renting is possible both from Tallinn city and Kuressaare town (Saaremaa island) www.hertz.com or www.europcar.com .

You can also try experiencing your holiday in a new way by renting an environmental friendly electric car. In 2013 world’s first nationwide network of fast chargers for electric vehicles was launched in Estonia. A single charge enables you on average to drive 140 kilometers (87 miles), depending on the model and driving conditions. This is comfortably within the range of the highway quick charging stations. From Tallinn to holiday house is about 258 km. You may need to charge the car 3 times on the way. The quick-charging stations can deliver  80-90% charge to the battery in less than 30 minutes. You can use the charging time to visit local sights, go to shop or take a coffee. Estonian country wide quick charging network is available here http://elmo.ee/charging-network-2/. Nearest charging station from Päikese holiday house is only about 8 km away  in Lümanda village. During charging you can visit local shop, get to know village or in the summer time eat in the local country restaurant which offers only pure and traditional food of West-Saaremaa.

[googlemap width=”98%” zoom=8 longitude=”21.983492374420166″ latitude=”58.32509763478063″  marker_latitude=”58.32509763478063″ marker_longitude=”21.983492374420166″ marker_popup=true]